Reinventing the Way You Engage in Channel Marketing

At SproutLoud, we’re reinventing the way Brands and their Local Partners engage in Channel Marketing. Our innovative Through-Channel Marketing Automation simplifies every step of building and distributing campaigns. By integrating Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Ad Builder functionality with innovative dynamic templates, SproutLoud Studio makes it easy for Brands to get their message into market faster.

How It Works


  • Submit assets: Brands submit assets that are loaded onto the SproutLoud SaaS Platform.
  • Select the tactics: Brands select the types of tactics — Newspaper Ads, TV Ads, Dynamic Local Display, Social Media Content Publication — where each asset will be used.
  • Dynamic templates: SproutLoud Studio’s team of trained professionals transform Brand assets into flexible formats.
  • Cloud access: Partners see all available tactics through the Partner Portal.
  • Easy localization: Partners can customize ads according to pre-approved parameters set by the Brand.
  • Ready to execute: Partners get best-in-class local execution with our Marketing Service Provider ecosystem.

Benefits of SproutLoud Studio

  • Save time: Brands spend less time approving customization requests which simplifies Brand management.
  • Save money: Reduce OpEx related to manual processes and production fees.
  • Accelerate: Get your campaigns to market faster and respond to changing market conditions.
  • Reach more customers: Get more messages in market.