Optimize Your Campaign Planning and Execution

In today’s fractured marketing atmosphere, Brands need to execute multi-tactic campaigns to reach their customers. Unfortunately, more tactics also means more marketing vendors. This marketing resource management complexity raises your costs and slows down execution.

SproutLoud LaunchPad — a single marketing automation console that houses all your marketing tactics — will change the way you look at campaign planning and execution.

How It Works


  • Easy access: LaunchPad is a cloud-based console, accessible from any browser.
  • Choose assets: Start by choosing preconfigured campaign assets prepared by SproutLoud Studio.
  • Select tactics: Select from virtually all digital and traditional marketing tactics.
  • Define the Partners: Select the Partners by type and customize their experience.
  • Attach funds: Increase participation by attaching Co-Op, MDF or SproutPay funds directly to the tactic.

The Partners you select will instantly see these tactics in their Partner Portal, where they can select, subscribe and execute with point-and-click ease. And because these campaign tactics are fulfilled through SproutLoud’s Marketing Service Provider (MSP) ecosystem, Brands can be confident that the Local Partners are getting best-in-class execution every time.

Benefits of SproutLoud LaunchPad

  • Get to market faster: Use Through-Channel Marketing Automation to simplify campaign execution.
  • Drive adoption of digital marketing: Drive your Partners toward the tactics you value most.
  • Reduce OpEx: Centralize marketing resource management and spend less money managing vendors.
  • Reach more customers: Increase the frequency of campaigns you put into market.