Making Brand-Compliant Campaign Execution Easy

In today’s saturated marketing atmosphere, it is crucial that Partners execute multi-tactic traditional and digital campaigns aligned to the customer’s journey across awareness, consideration and decision. But executing this type of comprehensive marketing strategy can be complex and time consuming for your Partners.

Imagine Local Partners have access to an easy-to-use portal — preconfigured by your Brand — designed to simplify campaign execution. SproutLoud’s Partner Portal is a Through-Channel Marketing Automation solution with Digital Asset Management, Ad Builder and marketing execution vendors all integrated into a single console.

How It Works


  • Access: Partners log in to their customized Partner Portal console securely from any browser.
  • Digital Asset Management: Partners select the marketing assets your Brand has made available.
  • Ad Builder: Partners use dynamic templates on the Platform to easily localize the Brand assets.
  • Instant funding: Funds from both the Brand and the Partner are instantly applied with SproutPay Instant Funding.
  • Marketing automation: All vendor execution is integrated so your Partners can “Set-It-and-Forget-It.”

Benefits of Partner Portal

  • Customized experience: Your Brand defines the experience for your Partners — by class (platinum, gold, etc.) or by geography (state, county, zip code) or by representative (field rep, business development rep, Channel Marketing manager) — to ensure that your Partners only see campaigns relevant to their goals.
  • Through-Channel Marketing Automation: It’s a single location for all the Brand-compliant campaigns.
  • Automated Ad Builder: Your Partners’ address, logo, and lists are pre-loaded onto the Platform.
  • Simplified execution: Streamlined workflow allows for “pre-approval” or traditional approval processes.

The Partner Portal is integrated with Automatic Campaign Execution (ACE) and over 40 best-in-class Marketing Service Providers (MSPs). ACE means your Partners get top-notch local execution from the MSPs.

SproutLoud’s Partner Portal gets your Partners out of the back office and on the sales floor, where they can build relationships with customers and close more sales.