It’s Simple and Effective: Select, Subscribe and Execute

In distributed marketing, it’s the last mile that matters. No matter how good your messaging and segmentation strategy are — if the local marketing isn’t executed perfectly, you might end up wasting a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, Partners don’t have the expertise to evaluate which marketing automation vendors can provide the best return on investment.

SproutLoud’s Automated Campaign Execution integrates virtually all local marketing tactics directly into the SproutLoud Platform through best-in-class Marketing Service Providers (MSPs).  This Through-Channel Marketing Automation solution allows Partners to select, subscribe and execute campaigns with ease.

How It Works


  • Campaign development: Partners use the Partner Portal to select tactics and customize assets.
  • Apply funds: Partners instantly access the Brand funds for a tactic by using SproutPay Instant Funding.
  • Integrated execution: MSPs or SproutLoud’s expert service team handles fulfillment.
  • Set-It-and-Forget-It: Many campaign tactics are designed to be data triggered and run on autopilot.

Benefits of ACE

  • Brand management: Brands have a greater control over multi-tactic campaigns.
  • Better tactics: It’s never been easier to guide Local Partners to participate in more effective tactics.
  • Marketing automation: Email Marketing to Directory Listings Management can be low-touch or no-touch subscriptions.
  • Distributed marketing : Brand messages get to market faster, without sacrificing quality or compliance.