Better Insight and Analytics Paves Your Way to Better Results

Does marketing work? It’s a question that has always plagued marketing, finance and sales leaders. But not anymore.

With SproutLoud Analytics, Through-Channel Marketing organizations can track the performance of virtually every type of marketing tactic so Partners and Brands can see how every dollar they invest is performing. Brands have the ability to compare performance across digital and traditional tactics by using integrated Call-Tracking technology.

How It Works


  • Integrated metrics: Brands and Partners can review the performance of every tactic launched.
  • Brand analysis: The Brand can compare the performance of different tactics.
  • Deep insight: Brands can review which messages are working and which aren’t.
  • Better investments: Brands and their Partners have in-depth knowledge to improve ROI.

Benefits of SproutLoud Analytics

  • Centralized analytics: No more manual work to aggregate metrics across vendors.
  • Better insight: Brands can evaluate performance by Partner type, region or tactic.
  • Better results: Understand what does and doesn’t drive leads, so you can invest only in what works.