Through-Channel Marketing Automation

There is nothing more powerful than a well-executed Channel Sales strategy. Having hundreds or thousands of independent Partners selling a Brand’s products in their local community can drive amazing results. But creating, funding and distributing Brand campaigns through a distributed network of Channel Partners takes a lot of time and money. There has got to be a better way.

SproutLoud is a Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform that includes all the software, services and support needed to effectively drive distributed marketing programs to Local Partners. SproutLoud gives Brands the intelligence to simplify campaign execution, amplify the power of the marketing spend and accelerate local Channel Sales.

A Single Solution for the Six Key Functions of Distributed Marketing


SproutLoud’s SaaS-based Platform gives Brands a single solution for the six key functions of distributed marketing:

  1. Ad Builder: SproutLoud Studio transforms Brand assets into highly dynamic templates, which can be customized by Partners through any browser.
  2. Campaign planning: SproutLoud LaunchPad provides a single, cloud-based console for Brand marketers to select, fund and distribute campaigns.
  3. Co-Op funds management: Brands can save 50 percent on claims processing costs or use SproutPay Instant Funding to reinvent their funding model.
  4. Local marketing software: SproutLoud’s Partner Portal gives thousands of Partners easy access to all their available campaign choices from any browser.
  5. Local marketing automation: With Automated Campaign Execution (ACE), Partners execute local marketing campaigns that are automatically fulfilled.
  6. Analytics and insight: SproutLoud Analytics gives Brands and Partners analytics on every tactic executed or comprehensive views of an entire campaign.

Channel Marketing Management

SproutLoud’s Channel Marketing Platform integrates Ad Builder, Co-Op funds management and local marketing automation. This allows Brands to execute their entire strategy from a single, SaaS-based interface. Brands use SproutLoud’s software to create assets, fund campaigns and distribute an inventory of pre-integrated campaign tactics to Local Partners.


Marketing Resource Management

SproutLoud’s cloud-based software gives thousands of Partners browser access to the latest Brand campaigns instantly. Assets are presented in highly dynamic templates, simplifying customization for the Partner and eliminating the need for time-consuming approval queues.


Integrated Local Execution

SproutLoud’s Platform comes pre-integrated with over 40 best-in-class Marketing Service Providers (MSPs), which handle all local marketing automation. This allows Brands to offer a comprehensive inventory of marketing tactics to Local Partners without extensive OpEx or headcount dedicated to managing vendors.


Streamlined Workflow and Compliance

SproutLoud’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform centralizes all campaign execution in simple-to-use, web-based software. Brands can track all assets being distributed to Partners, control customization through dynamic templates and catch Brand-compliance or regulatory infractions before they happen.

Global Scale

Whether Brands launch one module or many, have a dozen network members or thousands, the SproutLoud Platform scales to meet a Brand’s marketing automation needs while encouraging Partner adoption.

SproutLoud’s Platform supports marketing file composition in over 50 languages, has a built-in foreign currency exchange and offers site-translation services to present the Brand’s marketing portal in Partners’ local languages. SproutLoud’s global fulfillment services enable content distribution in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Co-Op or MDF Funds Management

Only about 52 percent of the $70 billion that Brands make available for Co-Op or MDF funds each year gets used by Local Partners. SproutLoud’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform integrates Co-Op funds management directly into our software. Brands can attach funding directly to campaign assets. Partners can only access these funds by executing the Brand-compliant campaign tactics available in their Partner Portal.

Brands can choose to execute traditional Co-Op programs through SproutLoud and save 50 percent on reimbursement claims processing. Plus, we have extensive change management experience to help you move your Co-Op program to the SproutLoud Platform. But the next evolution of Co-Op is SproutPay Instant Funding. With SproutPay, Brand and Partner funds are applied instantly through the SproutLoud Platform and the local execution is automated through SproutLoud’s Marketing Service Provider ecosystem. This eliminates fraud, subpar execution and the cost of reimbursement claims processing.