Maximize Personalized Customer Interactions Through Your Brand’s Distributed Partner Networks

The partnership between Covalent Marketing and SproutLoud is designed to help brands generate the high-quality customer interactions they need to succeed in local markets. Covalent offers expertise in maximizing marketing technology enablement, customer engagement and analytical platforms. And SproutLoud, the leader in distributed marketing software solutions, provides marketing automation technology, local marketing execution, funds management and integrated analytics — all in one platform — to help Covalent clients increase traffic, leads and sales through their partners in local markets.

SproutLoud provides

An easy-to-use centralized marketing automation platform to help brands and their channel partners execute co-branded, fully brand-compliant local marketing and campaigns across client networks

Customizable marketing analytics dashboards to track measurable results

A Co-Op Marketing Program designed to incentivize retailers and dealers with streamlined claims processes and instant co-pay options

SproutLoud offers the most complete distributed marketing solution for local marketing

Marketing Portals

Comprehensive Local Marketing Dealer Portals consolidate all local marketing tactics, services and programs

Flexible Funds Management

Options to use Co-Op Marketing as baseline, offering advanced strategies to influence behavior with increased corporate control

Integrated Vendors

Marketing Service Integrations reduce vendor management

Integrated Analytics

Centralized tracking of engagement and performance of spend helps brands and their retailers and dealerships make more informed local marketing decisions