Target Mailers Launches a New Self-Service Approach To Customized Direct Mail Marketing


Industry Leader makes it easy and affordable to bring one-to-one professional direct mail marketing campaigns to small businesses everywhere.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – August 15, 2005 – Executives of Target Mailers, LLC today announced the first self-service system for variable data direct mail marketing. Specifically designed for the small business owner, the Company’s website provides a process that significantly reduces the amount of time, money and effort to manage and execute a professional direct mail marketing campaign. The Company’s variable data and list management services also allow the user to produce completely customized one-to-one marketing programs.

“Until today, many small businesses have been limited in their marketing capabilities due to monetary restrictions and limitations on time and expertise. The small business owner’s index of responsibilities makes it extremely difficult to run full-scale customer acquisition and retention programs,” said Jared Shusterman, Managing Director of Target Mailers. “This self-service solution allows a business with little or no experience to log onto the site and execute a professional, customized marketing campaign in a matter of minutes at an affordable price. Our revolutionary technology also gives our customers the power to communicate on a one-to-one level with their clientele or prospects – driving significantly higher response rates and a better return on marketing dollars. As every campaign is customized to drive store/website traffic and increase sales, Target Mailers programs are highly measurable allowing the business o wner to track the success of each campaign.”

Target Mailers offers various programs designed to (1) acquire new customers to drive store traffic and (2) communicate to existing customers to increase retention- based sales. The Company gives clients access to agency quality designs and fully-developed marketing solutions to develop professional campaigns that are both highly effective and measurable.

About Target Mailers

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Target Mailers, LLC is a leading provider of self-service and customized direct marketing solutions, allowing small businesses to build, manage and measure their own direct marketing initiatives. The Company has developed a simplistic and highly effective web-based interface that gives small businesses the capabilities to deliver professional and customized one to one marketing materials to new prospects and existing customers.



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