Target Mailers Introduces Real-Time List Purchasing to Complement its Self-Service Marketing Suite


Target Mailers users can now search and acquire real-time lists of new prospects by geography, radius or drive time search.

Executives of Target Mailers LLC, today announced a new powerful online list purchasing tool that gives users access to real-time counts of new prospects through a geography, radius or drive time search. Users have the ability to customize their consumer or business prospect searches with various demographic filters – facilitating a highly targeted marketing campaign.

Via Target Mailers’ one-to-one direct mail campaign system, the integration of a new list purchasing tool automates the process of appending a prospect list to a mailing. During the ordering process, the user selects a template from a specific marketing program that he/she wishes to customize and deploy. After the piece is customized, the user can upload their own lists, select from a menu of previous uploaded lists, or purchase a list directly from Target Mailers online. If a user selects to purchase a list, the online new prospect engine gives users access to over 200 hundred million consumer files that users can filter by proximity to their location and demographics ( i.e. Age, Gender, Net Worth, Home Market Value, etc.) After a search is conducted, users receive a real-time count and can choose whether or not to purchase the list to append to a specific mailing date.

“This list purchasing tool is one of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use on the market today – allowing users to even conduct searches for new prospects by drive time from a given address,” said Jared Shusterman, Managing Director of Target Mailers. “Such a solution eliminates what was once a cumbersome and time consuming task of aggregating new prospect information to append to a mailing. Now Target Mailers’ users can search and acquire a list of new prospects in a matter of minutes.”

Target Mailers can now seamlessly integrate marketing programs with new prospect mailing lists, expediting the development and execution of such programs, while giving users incredible access to hundreds of millions of new prospects directly from their computer. By reducing the cost and time commitment previously needed to conduct such professional programs, Target Mailers continues to open the door for smaller companies that do not have the marketing budgets of larger corporations.

About Target Mailers

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Target Mailers, LLC is a leading provider of self-service and customized direct marketing solutions, allowing small businesses to build, manage and measure their own direct marketing initiatives. The Company gives small businesses the capabilities to deliver professional and customized one to one marketing materials using programs designed to (1) acquire new customers to drive store traffic and (2) communicate to existing customers to increase retention-based sales.


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