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On-Demand Print, 1:1 Direct Mail and Fulfillment Application Networks Print Collateral and Relationship Marketing Technology for Thousands

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – October 17, 2006 – SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC (www.sproutloud.com) today announced the release of its next generation on-demand print, 1:1 direct mail and fulfillment application called SproutNetTM. SproutNetTM replaces SproutLoud’s existing service offering by adding robust marketing features and capabilities that help larger corporations and industries host brand collateral, relationship marketing and co-op programs for smaller business users to access.

With SproutNetTM, users that self-register as part of an industry or corporate network can customize and personalize templates selected from a category of pre-defined programs. SproutNetTM gives each user a self-service customer data and image management center to help the user customize a design with their content. SproutNetTM is also 1:1 marketing compatible, whereas the user can specify text or images to appear in the piece based on conditions satisfied by data in a customer list. SproutNetTM allows company administrators to offer co-op credits and/or discounts for all print, mailing and fulfillment programs over the network. The application can also implement security controls in place to require approval on pre-production proofs and keep design changes and account access to the network limited.

The most remarkable feature set of this technology is that it will offer an automated way of communicating to a customer or prospect, no matter the size of the business,” commented Jared Shusterman, managing director of Target Mailers. “Through our campaign section, a business or individual can set action-triggers to automate a series of 1:1 variable communication pieces to hit the mail.” SproutNetTM automates the process of communication through different points of the customer lifecycle. Creative Agencies and companies can now partner with SproutLoud to private label the presentation of the application and carry it as an additional service offering to service the printing and marketing needs of their clients. All the production of print materials and fulfillment of goods is serviced under one roof at our 100,000 state-of-the-art, graphic communications facility.

About SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, SproutLoud is a leading-edge, high-technology company providing an all–in–one web–based solution, for companies, franchisors, and distributed marketers to more immediately and effectively distribute their product information, marketing programs, materials, and campaigns throughout their entire sales channel network.

SproutLoud’s powerful yet easy–to–use features and functionality include brand management, campaign automation, business intelligence, one–to–one marketing, list management, digital asset customization and personalization, e–mail, pURLs, microsites, direct mail with no minimums, print–on–demand, and many more – all immediately deployable throughout all types of distribution channels. In addition, SproutLoud’s highly flexible, fully automated co–op funds management streamlines and simplifies the process providing the ability for companies to optimize co–op funds usage.

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