“Social by SproutLoud” Launches, Offering a Social Media Management Platform for Distributed Brands


July 30, 2012 — SUNRISE, FL — SproutLoud announced today the launch of their Social Media Management Platform, “Social by SproutLoud” to complement their suite of marketing automation services for distributed business organizations.

“Social by SproutLoud” allows local affiliate marketers to access brand-approved social media messages, customize them with their local information, publish to their social networks and then measure their engagement results.  This ability to automate the process of marketing message deployment simplifies and consolidates the results like no other service available today.

“Social by SproutLoud” is the latest turn-key module from SproutLoud that brands can use to simplify and increase the effectiveness of their cascading marketing messages through their network members to customers.  

“We built our service to address 2 critical needs that brand marketers have not been able to find until now – a Social Media Management Platform that integrates with other marketing channels and also allows for local customization,” says SproutLoud CEO, Jared Shusterman.

“There are many Social Media Management Platforms available today, but most don’t integrate with other marketing channels, leaving a real gap for brand marketers who want to be able to create and measure marketing programs that span various channels.  For example, if a brand wanted to conduct a campaign that had elements of social media messaging, direct mail and email, only SproutLoud can provide a platform that will allow for organization, deployment and most importantly, measurement of all the results.

“The other key element of our platform is the ability to automatically localize and publish brand-approved messages, yielding more relevant content for the end-user.  We’re very excited about being able to provide these solutions for our clients,” he concludes.

Publish. Manage. Measure.



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