Online Marketing Planner Keeps Local Business Marketing Messaging Organized


Sunrise, FL – June 8, 2011– SproutLoud, a leading marketing resource management (MRM) solutions provider, expands its local business marketing management offerings with the release of its online Marketing Planner. The planner provides an outlet for corporate marketers to notify, promote, and coordinate unified marketing campaigns through all marketing channels, and leverage local marketers’ expertise to reach targeted customers with their messages and create growth opportunities.

The new module is a key component of SproutLoud’s four-step comprehensive MRM solution, enabling corporate marketing departments to plan a local business marketing strategy, engage their local networks, activate marketing campaigns, and analyze their results. Due to the modular nature of SproutLoud’s platform, it integrates easily with the existing application.

Jared Shusterman, Managing Partner, observed,  “At the end of the day, our goal is to maximize a brand’s sales opportunities by providing them multiple ways to create corporate marketing programs and enable their local business marketing network to target the message to local audiences. And by making it easy to plan and execute these programs, the platform can increase local market participation and ultimately influence campaign adoption outcomes.”

The online Marketing Planner helps brands support channel marketing activities by notifying local marketers of  important events and timeframes, associating related materials or campaigns, providing advertising or marketing fund incentives, and improving network communication and engagement.  In addition, local marketers get advance details on corporate marketing plans, thereby enabling them to make marketing decisions in coordination with a larger, national plan.

“This new module allows the marketing plans of national brands and local marketers to align, giving the field a better understanding of the brand’s marketing plans, while allowing them to figure out how to make it work for themselves,” Gary Ritkes, Managing Director of Sales, commented.  “Local marketers get to take advantage of campaigns created by companies with more significant resources, and corporate marketing departments extend their targeted reach, so the platform really provides a winning outcome for everyone involved.”




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