Why Distributed Marketers Should Use Bing in Their Local Search Program


Bing is more than just Microsoft’s search engine. Over the years, it has consolidated and formed strategic alliances while introducing new tools, enhanced content, and upgrades. It’s emerged as a tougher competitor in digital marketing and is now viewed not only as an alternative to Google, but as a place for brands to diversify their marketing efforts.

Do not leave your brand’s local presence to chance. Make sure your local partners are taking advantage of what the market has to offer. Since most brands have the tendency to focus just on Google, they miss out on the marketing opportunities of the Bing network (increased and more diverse traffic) while pursuing their online presence. By encouraging your partners to invest in Bing, you allow them to have a greater digital footprint and a distinct competitive advantage.

Earlier this year, Bing hit 20% of the US market with an effective reach of nearly 33%. This is in part due to an alliance formed between Yahoo and Microsoft in 2009, which allows Bing to deliver organic search results and ads to Yahoo search. This alliance, known as the Yahoo-Bing network, extends and enlarges the search ad marketplace that displays ads on those networks and their partner sites.

Bing is a great alternative for increasing online visibility in organic search. Recently, Bing Maps announced new enhancements to their product in an effort to give the users a better and more accurate experience, while searching for business nearby. One of the biggest upgrades is the new emphasis the tool gives on exploration and planning. For example, when users plan to visit a new city, they can now look for hotels, restaurants and museums on one map rather than conducting multiple searches.

Getting listed on Bing Maps is simple. Through Bing Places For Business, local businesses can add basic contact information like their  business name, phone number, address, and website. The directory also offers more advanced options, so you can optimize and add depth to your profile. You can include in-depth information such as a detailed business description, business hours, and payment methods. It even allows you to upload images and videos. A complete profile improves the way that business displays in the search engine and map results, giving it an advantage over competitors in its local market.

People aren’t conducting search queries exclusively on desktops. In recent years, the use of mobile devices for search has increased significantly. Sixty percent of users now prefer mobile search for local products and services.  Devices like Kindle, Windows Phone 8, and Xbox Kinect are powered by Bing. Did you know that even Siri’s predetermined search engine in Apple devices is Bing? The multimedia experience that Bing network offers is an advantage to your partners once they optimize their profiles.

You can help your local partners be present in a marketplace with 161 million unique searches and 5.9 billion monthly searches. Some of them will be searching locally for your products and services. Make sure they find you!


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