What You Can Learn from an Etch A Sketch


Instant Product Placement on the Presidential Campaign Trail

This week, a comment from Senior Romney Adviser Eric Fehrnstrom compared transitioning from in-party primary campaigning to the presidential campaign with an Etch A Sketch saying, “You can kind of shake it up, and we start all over again”, alluding to the fact that the campaign was looking forward to getting a do-over.

Wow. Ok, so here’s what happened next.

  • Political pundits and Romney’s competition jumped on the bandwagon to ridicule the gaffe
  • Ohio Art, the manufacturers of Etch A Sketch saw stock prices triple and sales increase 1500%
  • Etch a Sketch memes were spawned
  • Etch a Sketch was the top searched term on Yahoo and Twitter Trends

Ouch — another tough moment for Mitt’s campaign.

But anyone who understands Online Marketing saw a tremendous opportunity; Etch a Sketch (or their retail partners) could really capitalize on all this branded search traffic. A Pay Per Click campaign could have gone up immediately, video content could have been generated, a Pinterest Board created, etc. You get the idea.

While Romney’s folks will have to focus on damage control now, hopefully Ohio Art can still capitalize on this amazing tsunami of brand awareness and “shake up” their sales.


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