Transparency in Print Files


Transparency.. It seems today that term is being used a lot. Everyone wants to know exactly how things work. Is there more than meets the eye? Well, in terms of your print files, you had better be sure!
Transparency in your print files can be a real headache. But if you know what to look for, you can produce quality print files while avoiding the aspirin . You may be asking “what do you mean transparency in my files?” Simply put, if you create a file that has a drop shadow, you have transparency.

In today‘s design and publication software, it’s real easy to create amazing artwork. The use of drop shadows and gradients, fades and masks, the designs can be beautiful. They look amazing on your monitor and even on your desktop printer. The problem with transparency occurs when you turn your files over to a vendor to professionally print them. If your vendor doesn’t have software that is capable of reproducing those hi-end effects, it can be trouble. When it comes to file preparation, it’s important to utilize the built in tools that many design software packages have to deal with transparency.


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