The Power of Open Source


Our brilliant Development Team members are huge ambassadors of the Open Source Movement. In fact, most of our technology is built upon open source programs and coding languages.

According to Wikipedia open source methodology is an approach to the design, development, and distribution of software, offering practical accessibility to a software’s source code.

In a high-profile open source software project, thousands and thousands of developers around the world can contribute to the source code and many times, these programs are free for use by any individual or company looking to pair them with other offerings as part of a larger application.

Many of our clients don’t care to ask – I didn’t even care at first. So when Anjan enthusiastically touted the advantages of incorporating the open source movement as a base for our technologies, I said, “Who cares, just build it.”  Wow, how important this has become.

Here are the reasons:

1.) Instead of buying and paying for software from the likes of Microsoft to run our servers and technology, we innovate from the free open-source software. If we have no software costs to pay (we now estimate we save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and growing exponentially), we have no costs to pass onto our clients – a key competitive advantage we enjoy.  In fact, we just may be able to give away our software for free down the road (don’t laugh – I have a feeling that may be sooner than you think).

2.) Open Source technologists have proved to be more innovative, outside-the-box thinkers, more agile, more willing to explore and invent – our team continues to amaze me every day.

3.) Instead of spending time and resources on the underlying structure to improve our technology, we have the entire open source movement behind us – something no company, even Microsoft, can compete with.

In Thomas Friedman’s Best Seller “The World Is Flat,” the open-source movement was named as one of the most important “flattening effects” of the 21st century. I think he may be right.


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