Running the (Rat) Race – A Retrospective


Last week SproutLoud participated in the Ft. Lauderdale Mercedes Benz Corporate 5K Run. As a workout buff, but basically a non-runner, this was my first real 5K. I have never liked running (why run if you are not being chased?), but I do like a good personal challenge. So I bought some snazzy new sneakers, and I hit the ground… running.

On race day my coworkers, myself, and over 5,000 of our new best friends were ready at the starting line. The feel of the whole crowd pushing to go was infectious. There was an electric hum in the air, and soon we were off. Everyone was moving independently, but running towards the same finish line. I ran and ran and ran. I was in the zone! Someone in front of me had a shirt that read: “Pain is temporary, but accomplishment is forever”. That became my mantra as I ran through my sore knees and the South Florida heat. At the end of the day, I wasn’t the fastest, but I wasn’t the slowest either. I did much better than I expected I would, and finished strong (albeit dizzy and red-faced).

In retrospect, this corporate 5K was much like the corporate race we all run each day. SproutLoud as a company, myself as an employee, and all of my coworkers are moving independently, but facing the same finish line. We are working towards our shared goal of creating a fully-loaded one stop shop for anything under the distributed marketing umbrella. Sometimes we have to train harder to reach the goals that seem far away, but with this kind of personal effort comes great results.


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