Flooded with Co-Op claims? Your team may be drowning


Advertising guidelines overwhelm Brand resources, frustrate Channel Partners and leave Co-Op dollars unused.

It is not uncommon that the relationship between a Brand and the Partner is strained simply due to hard-to-follow rules set in place around Co-Op advertising budgets. Likely you have a partner in mind who has been up in arms over “drowning” in administrative work driven by cumbersome Co-Op rules.

My time is spent making sure Brands don’t have to spend considerable hours reviewing Co-Op claims. The traditional process that partners use to earn Co-Op dollars requires Brands to spend a lot of resources reviewing and approving creative assets.

How can we get to a place where the Brand no longer needs to review each Partner Co-Op claim submission? The answer is technology.  While maintaining Brand control of Co-Op ads is a must – that doesn’t necessarily mean that every ad must be manually reviewed any more.

The Brand needs a way to maintain control but eliminates manually reviewing EVERY Co-Op claim. Imagine if every partner had a flexible way to customize their Co-Op ads without circumventing the Brand’s guidelines.  What if partners had a way to make the ad serve their needs and the Brand’s without anyone ever reviewing it?  This is a reality today using technology.

SproutLoud has created a Channel Marketing Platform which allows Brands to upload creative assets into a cloud-based portal.  The Brand sets parameters on what can be customized and what can’t.  The result is the partners get the assets they need to drive more sales and the Brand gets a great reduction in administrative workload.

There are two main benefits to this type of technology.

First, Co-Op dollars are there immediately for the Partner.

The Brand’s image and likeness cannot be modified or altered in this platform while still allowing for customization by the Partner. The difference in this platform is that when the Partner customizes their ad the Co-Op dollars are pre-approved. Remember, in the SproutLoud platform the creative and all the possible customizations are uploaded by the Brand.  This eliminates pre-approvals completely.

Second, The Brand eliminates Co-Op claim reviews.

Since the creative and customizations are pre-loaded the Brand no longer needs someone reviewing each and every claim submission. That’s right, you would no longer need a team of people (or one drowning individual) to review Co-Op creative submissions.

Channel marketing is crucial to the success of not only the Brand but also the thousands of Partners they depend on to sell their products.  But the days of this being a difficult and frustrating process are over.  SproutLoud’s Channel Marketing Platform is disrupting the way we think about local marketing and giving Brands more time to market their products and their local Partners more time to sell.


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