Are You Flexing Your Ad Builder Muscles?

Let’s play pretend: I own and operate a gym that’s part of a large, nationwide network of gyms.

With summer just around the corner, now is the ideal time for me to create some hype by placing advertisements in local magazines and newspapers about a limited-time offer. But I need these advertisements created and customized with my local information. Who do I turn to? I know! I’ll find a graphic designer to create these ads for me. I’ll just send the designer the message I want, the logo, the offer and my business information.

What’s wrong with this scenario? Oh…so many things. I could send the designer the wrong message, logo and offer. Furthermore, these ads would not match the brand’s approved look and feel. A simple, yet overlooked important solution would be for the brand to offer me (and other gym owners) an Ad Builder tool.

Why Use an Ad Builder?

• Flexibility – Templates flex to fit multiple layouts. Local franchisees or partners can select pre-sized or flexible ad templates to fit multiple layout requirements. You can also give partners as much or little customization power as you want.

• Consistency – Not only will you be able to maintain brand integrity at the local level, you have the capability to lock down messaging, images, and offers.

• Efficiency – The brand removes itself from the local ad submission process, saving time and money. Plus, partners are guided through how to locate, customize, and deliver ads.

Save your energy for the gym. Making sure an ad builder tool is a component of your brand’s local marketing software is an absolute must. Allow your local partners to have access to top-notch branded ad templates that they can customize with ease.


About the Author
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