Manny Perez

Manny Perez

Media Buy Services and Reimbursement Manager

Manny Perez is manager of SproutLoud’s Media Buy Services and Reimbursement Team. He has been with the company since 2007. He manages the team responsible for developing and sustaining the vendor and customer relationships, media buys and the reimbursement experience of small business owners who use SproutLoud’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation platform.

Manny joined SproutLoud in the company’s infancy as a marketing assistant. Early on, he stepped into the role of manager of the Marketing Assistant team. Manny is skilled and experienced in understanding SproutLoud’s innovative technology, and he embodies the company’s “Clients First” attitude.

At the end of the day, Manny is a family man first, and he freely admits that one of the main reasons he enjoys working at SproutLoud is because his team members are genuinely like family to him. Whether he is watching his two kids on the soccer field or mentoring team members toward professional growth and promotions, Manny believes that his greatest reward is contributing in a positive way to the growth and well being of those who are his family.

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