Simplify. Amplify. Accelerate.

SproutLoud was founded in 2006 with one mission:
Make Channel Marketing work better.

From this singular mission, SproutLoud has grown into a major force
that is disrupting conventional Channel Marketing strategy.
Our comprehensive Channel Marketing Automation Platform delivers
the software, services and support Brands need to more successfully
sell their products through Local Channels.

From customizing Brand assets to offering Co-Op and Instant Funding
options, SproutLoud is focused on giving Brands the intelligence
they need to simplify campaign execution, amplify the power
of their marketing spend and accelerate local Channel Sales.

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A Culture Focused on Success


SproutLoud is shaking up the world of Channel Marketing,
which has remained stagnant for over 100 years.
Change isn’t always easy. That’s why our unwavering focus is on
delivering value to Brands and their Partners — every step of the way,
from innovative software development to above-and-beyond customer service.

From daily team stand-ups to weekly company-wide huddles, where we get
our groove on, SproutLoud has created a spirit of innovation
that permeates everything we do. We have a lot of really cool people
with really great ideas building some really awesome tech.

We are also building a world-class library of content to help you
optimize every aspect of your Channel Marketing strategy.
SproutLoud will change the way you look at Channel Marketing and
help you reinvent your entire go-to-market strategy. Now, about that tech…

Channel Marketing Platform

SproutLoud’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform allows Brands to create, fund and distribute Local Partner campaigns from a single software console. SproutLoud Studio transforms Brand assets into dynamic templates that Partners use to customize local ads within pre-set, Brand-compliant parameters. And SproutLoud Launchpad makes it easy for Brands to fund and distribute campaigns to their Partner network to increase participation and speed to market.

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Intelligent Funds Management

Money is at the center of every Channel Marketing campaign. But Co-Op is so broken. Local Partners are turning down about half of the $70 billion Brands invest every year in Co-Op — because it’s just too difficult. SproutPay Instant Funding makes it easy. On our Platform, Brands attach funds directly to specific Brand-compliant assets. When Partners select those assets, both Brand funds and Partner funds are applied instantly. Then, the order is automatically routed to SproutLoud’s Marketing Service Provider network for fulfillment. This eliminates the old, cumbersome claims and reimbursement process. It also eliminates the opportunity for fraud and subpar performance.

Local Marketing Automation

Local Partners are your Brand’s ambassadors in the local market. They build relationships with your customers and are experts at selling. But they often don’t have the time or resources to stay on top of the daily demands of Modern Channel Marketing. SproutLoud’s Partner Portal makes it easy to set your Partners up for local marketing success. Our cloud-based Partner Portal gives Partners instant access to select Brand-approved campaign tactics. And our Automated Campaign Execution (ACE) simplifies local marketing fulfillment and execution, delivering high-quality, Brand-compliant results. This means Partners spend less time marketing and more time selling.

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The Next Evolution of Insight

SproutLoud Analytics gives Brands and Partners greater insight than ever before on the impact of local marketing. Our Platform centralizes everything Brands and Partners need to build, fund and execute local marketing campaigns. This means Brands can easily access comprehensive performance metrics on every aspect of local marketing. Brands can see how both Traditional and Digital Marketing tactics perform across their entire Partner network, for groups of Partners or even for an individual Partner.

Expertise and Guidance

SproutLoud knows that technology is only as good as the people using it. That is why we have created an extensive service and support program to help optimize performance at the Brand and Partner levels. From expert discovery and implementation to on-demand local marketing coordination, SproutLoud provides strategic guidance and operational support to your extended Channel Marketing team.

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